Physical & Mental Benefits Of Floatation Therapy

A sensory deprivation tank is a tool used in floatation therapy, in which external stimulation—such as sound, touch, and light—is reduced to create a feeling of relaxation. This promotes wellness, pain relief, and a state of tranquillity that can be difficult to achieve, especially when you’re living a hectic lifestyle.

The float tank used for this therapy contains a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution, which helps you float effortlessly by increasing the buoyancy levels. The water temperature is moderated to match yours to dissolve any sensation on your skin. Soundproof and lightproof, the tank disconnects you from the outside world and turns off external sensory factors that constantly disturb you.

Like other kinds of therapy, the effects of float therapy can be best seen over time. It’s not a one-time deal, but instead is something that offers the greatest relief through cumulative sessions.

An hour of floating can help decrease the levels of cortisone, a stress hormone, in the brain, as it enters the theta brainwave state that is associated with deep sleep; with each session, the brain and the body adapt and learn to relax further, giving you better results.

Physical benefits of float therapy

The sensory deprivation tank produces a low-gravity and sound proof environment, which allows your body to relax naturally and promotes the healing process your body goes through during sleep.

Float therapy helps ease chronic neck and back pains and aids in spinal alignment as your body releases musculoskeletal tension that you amass in your daily life. The low-gravity environment lets your muscles and joints relax and your cells and tissues recuperate as the blood flow increases. This also heals any sprains and other such injuries.

Mental benefits of float therapy

During sensory deprivation, your brain gets some much-needed reprieve from outside stimuli that otherwise overload your mind. Instead of processing sensory signals, your brain instead is freed from strain and releases positive neurochemicals that help with relaxation. Dopamine and other neurotransmitters increase and create a sense of euphoria.

With external stimuli removed, you can achieve a state of deep and profound calmness, reducing your stress levels significantly. Sensory deprivation also aids in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders as your brain naturally calms down.

Floatation therapy offers a wealth of benefits for your body and mind. It is a safe and natural treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind. For enquiries, visit our float centre in Ringwood, or call 03 9870 4777 today!