Float therapy has a positive effect of stimulating the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. This is especially useful for athletes, who lead such high-performing, intense lives. Playing sports involves incredibly high levels of physical demands, putting quite a strain on one’s body.

Sports can be mentally exhausting too, especially when there’s tough competition; one would require concentration and extreme focus.

Through float therapy, athletes can help their muscles and joints recover faster and can release the stress burdening them in a safe, effective way. With the sensory deprivation that float tanks offer, their mind can easily drift into a deep, blissful meditative state that is sure to refresh their minds.

Furthermore, the weightlessness felt inside the tank can help relieve muscle tension and other pains associated with high-intensity activities like sports, such as back and joint pains, muscle stiffness, fibromyalgia, and sports-related injuries.

How Can Athletes Benefit From Float Therapy?

Athletes subject their bodies to vigorous physical activities daily. This could result to wear and tear in the muscles, which could have ill effects on them in the long run.

A float tank is filled with a special Epsom salt solution to allow the body to float effortlessly. Through this, the pressure in the muscles, joints and ligaments is taken off, allowing athletes to completely relax. This level of relaxation improves the body’s regenerative abilities. Additionally, the solution contains magnesium, a muscle relaxant that can further relieve the tension.

Aside from the physical benefits, there are mental benefits to float therapy as well. The sensory deprivation tank cuts off all external stimuli, allowing for absolute peace. The brain enters a state of relaxation similar to that achieved during the theta state of sleep.

This is why after every float therapy session, a satisfying sense of rejuvenation can be felt; it’s like your brain hits a reset and then performs far more effectively.

During the resting state in a float pod, athletes can visualise their perfect performance better. Through this they can further hone their mental and physical discipline, which leads to improved decision-making and thus better plays. 

The combined physical and mental benefits of float therapy allow athletes to become more efficient in what they do. It improves not only recovery time but also overall performance as it helps release muscle tension, heightened focus and concentration and prevent injuries through a higher degree of control.

Want to try relaxing in a real float tank? 

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