The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to zip around town looking for the perfect gift for friends and family. With how hectic the world today is, it’s extra special if your gift brings the recipient a sense of well-deserved peace and relaxation. Sounds difficult? It’s not! Surprise your loved one with a session of float therapy for a unique gift that lets them sit back, relax and improve their health at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like finding a pocket of serenity in the frenzy of day-to-day life. Float therapy is a way to achieve that, providing floaters the opportunity to rest both their mind and body.

Relieves pain and muscle tension

In float therapy, the body is submerged in a float tank filled with a dense Epsom salt solution which aids in effortless floating. The weightlessness in a float tank allows the muscles to relax, releasing tension and stiffness in the joints as well. The magnesium and sulphate content of Epsom salt also helps reduce inflammation as well as eliminates toxins from the body.

In this zero-gravity environment, the body experiences true rest. The spine and joints naturally decompress without the burden of the constant weight of gravity. As soon as a float therapy session ends, a sense of total rejuvenation can be felt.

Reduces stress

There is a complete lack of external stimuli inside a floatation tank. This way, the floater is cut off from the constant bombardment from the outside world and is thus able to achieve a sense of total calmness. Through float therapy, the brain easily reaches the theta state, which is typically associated with deep sleep. During this time, the brain can focus on allotting energy regenerating cells and tissues and restoring the body.

Float therapy also helps the brain release positive neurochemicals, increasing dopamine levels and creating a sense of euphoria.

Give your loved ones a unique treat with a float therapy session!

Get into the spirit of giving by giving your friends and family gift vouchers from Urban Float! After a session in our floatation therapy centre, they’ll be feeling calm and relaxed like never before. This is surely a gift they won’t forget!

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