Floatation Therapy and the Health Benefits It Offers

Floatation therapy involves being submerged in a float tank that contains a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. This solution increases the buoyancy levels, thus helping you float effortlessly. The float tank aids in achieving sensory deprivation, in which all external stimuli are removed to help you relax.

A float tank is completely soundproof and lightproof, and the temperature is moderated to remove the sensation on your skin as well. Thus, you will feel disconnected from the world around you, allowing your mind to focus on staying calm without any distractions.

The effects of floatation therapy on the body and the psyche can be best observed over a period of time. However, even an hour of floating can bring about interesting benefits. For instance, during a float therapy session, there will be a marked decrease in the levels of cortisone in the brain, thus relieving you of feeling stressed. Additionally, the calm and peaceful sensation during float therapy helps your brain enter the theta brainwave state.

Other benefits of float therapy

  • Float therapy improves the quality of sleep as it helps the body relax better and easier
  • It promotes the body’s natural healing process.
  • It eases chronic pain in the neck and back as it relieves the musculoskeletal tension you unwittingly amass.
  • It improves blood flow as well encourages a faster recuperation process for your cells and tissues.
  • It unloads the stress your brain is under due to external disturbances.
  • It helps release positive neurochemicals and neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, to give you a happy, relaxed feeling.
  • It removes toxins from the body.
  • It soothes irritations and deficiencies in the skin through the magnesium content of the Epsom salt solution.
  • It improves cognitive function, increasing creativity and boosting concentration.

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