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Why You Should Undergo Float Tank Therapy In Ringwood

Brief Introduction

Sensory deprivation therapy is also known as floating. The therapy involves floating literarily. You will have to lie in a water-filled float tank in Ringwood in supine position for about 90 minutes. You don’t have to bother if you can’t swim. The water is filled with Epsom salt (magnesium). Between 700 and 1000 pounds of Epsom salt is poured into a few hundred gallons of water in the float tank in Ringwood.

This Epsom salt makes the water saturated and as such, any object dropped into it will definitely float. The level of gravity in float tank in Ringwood is zero. You will float has you have become weightless. You also need to be informed that the tank is devoid of both light and sound blocking all forms of stimuli.

Health Benefits

The therapy has become popular because of its health benefits. First of all, during the therapy, your skin gets to absorb some magnesium. This is very important because a recent statistics showed that over 70 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Canadians have magnesium deficiency.

Here are some of the diseases that can result from magnesium deficiency

    Continuous muscle contractions Serious numbness in some parts of the body like the limbs Poor memory Irritability Insomnia Loss of appetite Regular fatigue

In other words, floating therapy helps to prevent any of the conditions listed above. It is also noteworthy that there are many more conditions that have been linked to lack of magnesium or its deficiency in the body.

Other health benefits of sensory deprivation therapy are:

    It promotes creativity, meditation, rejuvenation and relaxation It also eliminates pains caused by autoimmune disorders, lower back injury, mild headache and migraine, tension in the muscle or joint, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis just to mention a few It helps to facilitate joint and muscle repair and post injury recovery It reduces stress and anxiety The weightlessness helps to reduce physical strain on the body It reduces pregnancy related pain and all other forms of discomfort It regulates both heart beat rate and blood pressure It helps to improve sleep It sharpens cognitive ability and enhances better concentration It helps with deeper introspection It promotes adequate and regular secretion of endorphins It helps to get over all forms of addiction It leads to better functioning of the immune system

Qualities of an ideal float tank

Since there are a few providers of a float tank in Ringwood and their services vary, here are important characteristics of an ideal float tank and its provider. The water in the tank is very safe as it is usually filtered more than three times with one of the most effective water filtration technique. It is done with the combination of Ultraviolet micron and chemical filters. Besides, the water is re-purified after every single session.

You may not need to bring anything as all what you need have been provided. It is also suitable for people who can’t swim because the water is shallow. The tank is not up to 5 feet in depth so there is no risk of drowning. Besides, magnesium saturation makes any object weightless. You will float in the tank without any efforts.


If your body reacts to magnesium, you may need to consult your doctor before undergoing the therapy. Since salty water can cause some stinging effects on irritated skin so it is not advisable to have a shave a two days before the therapy.


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