Urban Float – Sensory Deprivation


Our tanks are scientifically designed to help reduce stress, even the deepest levels of emotional anxiety. Float tank therapy is even prescribed by professionals to help the body relax, ease pain and generally unwind.

  • Ease anxiety & stress
  • Relieve pain & tension
  • Reduce depression
  • Increase concentration
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Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

The benefits of sensory deprivation have been well documented. Treating everything from an improved sense of well being to relief from both chronic and acute pain, sensory deprivation can benefit almost anyone.

Relieve Pain

Removing the effects of gravity
allows for the release of muscular
tension and postural realignment

Reduce Stress

Step away from your daily stresses.
Floating induces a state of total
relaxation and peace

Heighten Creativity

Reducing anxious thoughts and
distractions helps you enter a
creative flow state

Increase Focus

Total separation from daily
distractions increases focus and
mental clarity, allowing for peak

Improve Sleep

The deep relaxation of the mind and
body that floating provides can
greatly reduce insomnia

Increase Energy

Floating can be a deeply restful and
rejuvinating experience, increasing
energy and mood levels


Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

A. Absolutely. The water is filtered 3.75 times with Ultraviolet, Chemical and micron filters and we purify the water between every single use. Clean tanks are among our highest priorities.

A. Everything you need will be provided. If you wear contacts we recommend bringing a case for them.

A. Although floating can take some getting used to for the first time, most say it’s a very relaxing experience.

A. No special preparation is required. We recommend avoiding caffeine for 90 minutes before the float if possible. Also avoid shaving or waxing a couple days before floating, as the salty water can cause some stinging if it contacts irritated skin.

A. You must wait at least 2 weeks before you can float and if the dye is red or black you will have to wear a tight fitting swimmers cap (you supply) If you have Brightly colored hair, Pink, Blue, Red, Green ect, Please call the center on 98704777 to see if you are able to Float.

A. If you are concerned about any medical condition, please consult with your doctor before floating. That being said, many doctors recommend floating for a variety of ailments.

Float Packages

Whether you just want to give floating a try or want to commit yourself to exploring sensory deprivation on a deeper level, we offer affordable packages that can make the benefits of floating available to most budgets.

Our most popular packages are listed below, but all options can be customized upon request.
Just call us at 03 9870 4777 for more information.


Introductory Package: 3 Floats

Package of 3 hour long floats

Who Is It For?

Newcomers. It’s best to start with several sessions to allow the effects to sink in.

Time: 3 Hours

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Single Float

A single hour long session

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to quickly relieve stress and reduce pain.

Time: 1 Hours

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Monthly memberships from
$65 per month

One monthly float for one

Who Is It For?

Those who want to experience the deepest benefits of floating, which require frequent use

Time: 12 Hours

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Reasons You Must Go To A Float Center In Ringwood

Since 1951 when the first float tank was developed, the industry has made great strides. Now, every decent suburb like Ringwood has at least one float center to serve the people living there.

Perhaps you have heard of a float center by other names like sensory deprivation tanks, float tanks, floatation tanks or even isolation tank. Whatever names you choose to call them or you know them with, they all do the same thing.

Before going into the benefits of going to float center in Ringwood, here is a little something about what a float tank is and what it does.

What is a float center?

A float center is where float tanks or sensory deprivation tanks are kept. These are specially constructed tanks filled with salt water and kept at room temperature.

Epsom salt is also a major component of the float tank. Because of the high concentration of salts in the water, people are able to float in the water when they get into the tanks.

For effective treatment, any good float tank is soundproof. The elimination of external sounds (sensory deprivation) enhances the effectiveness of the float tanks.

Who needs a float center?

The simple short answer is everybody.

As you would read later, the benefits of using a float tank are really awesome. You don’t have to be suffering from a serious medical condition to use it.

And you don’t have to be of a particular age. All that is required is a simple Google search to locate a float center in Ringwood. Apart from Ringwood, there are several other float centers in the Melbourne area.

The number of establishments offering this form of treatment should tell you one thing: float tanks are so effective many people have keyed into the idea.

Benefits of using a float tank

1) Enhances theta brainwaves

Veterans of float tanks would tell you this is one of the most important benefits of using them. This benefit is directly linked to the mental and spiritual effect float tanks have on you.

What this implies is that after about 30 minutes in a float tank, your brain goes into the theta phase. This is a semi-conscious state where you are neither awake nor asleep.

In this state, your creative and problem-solving abilities are enhanced. The more you do it, or the longer you are in the tank, the longer your brain is in the theta state.

2) Healing powers of Epsom salts

Most people know about the awesome healing powers of Epsom salt. An hour in an Epsom salt bath is enough to infuse your body with magnesium which has a calming effect on the body.

Apart from that, Epsom salt is known to have great anti-inflammatory properties and is an efficient detoxifying agent.

Other benefits of joining a float center include tackling issues such as

    Stress Chronic pain Fatigue Helps in meditation Anxiety Recovery from injuries sustained during sporting activities Quick recovery from jet lag Weight loss Depression Boosts the immune system

And so much more.

Now you know the benefits of getting acquainted with floatation center near you, what other reason do you need to start using the services of one?

Cost? You would be surprised how cheap they are for a session. And it is common knowledge that most float centers, even in small suburbs like Ringwood, have flexible pricing packages to cater for all clients.