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Our tanks are scientifically designed to help reduce stress, even the deepest levels of emotional anxiety. Float tank therapy is even prescribed by professionals to help the body relax, ease pain and generally unwind.

  • Ease anxiety & stress
  • Relieve pain & tension
  • Reduce depression
  • Increase concentration
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Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

The benefits of sensory deprivation have been well documented. Treating everything from an improved sense of well being to relief from both chronic and acute pain, sensory deprivation can benefit almost anyone.

Relieve Pain

Removing the effects of gravity
allows for the release of muscular
tension and postural realignment

Reduce Stress

Step away from your daily stresses.
Floating induces a state of total
relaxation and peace

Heighten Creativity

Reducing anxious thoughts and
distractions helps you enter a
creative flow state

Increase Focus

Total separation from daily
distractions increases focus and
mental clarity, allowing for peak

Improve Sleep

The deep relaxation of the mind and
body that floating provides can
greatly reduce insomnia

Increase Energy

Floating can be a deeply restful and
rejuvinating experience, increasing
energy and mood levels


Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

A. Absolutely. The water is filtered 3.75 times with Ultraviolet, Chemical and micron filters and we purify the water between every single use. Clean tanks are among our highest priorities.

A. Everything you need will be provided. If you wear contacts we recommend bringing a case for them.

A. Although floating can take some getting used to for the first time, most say it’s a very relaxing experience.

A. No special preparation is required. We recommend avoiding caffeine for 90 minutes before the float if possible. Also avoid shaving or waxing a couple days before floating, as the salty water can cause some stinging if it contacts irritated skin.
A. The water is quite shallow – between 230mm and 235mm deep. In addition, the super saturation of Epsom salt will let you float effortlessly with no special technique or know how.
A. If you are concerned about any medical condition, please consult with your doctor before floating. That being said, many doctors recommend floating for a variety of ailments.

Float Packages

Whether you just want to give floating a try or want to commit yourself to exploring sensory deprivation on a deeper level, we offer affordable packages that can make the benefits of floating available to most budgets.

Our most popular packages are listed below, but all options can be customized upon request.
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Introductory Package: 3 Floats

Package of 3 hour long floats

Who Is It For?

Newcomers. It’s best to start with several sessions to allow the effects to sink in.

Time: 3 Hours

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Single Float

A single hour long session

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to quickly relieve stress and reduce pain.

Time: 1 Hours

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Monthly memberships from
$65 per month

One monthly float for one

Who Is It For?

Those who want to experience the deepest benefits of floating, which require frequent use

Time: 12 Hours

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Float Center In Melbourne: Deprivation Therapy Treatment And Its Benefits

Deprivation therapy treatment, also referred to as floating, diminishes almost all smells, sounds, touch and sights thereby easing a lot of health issues naturally. According to floaters (those who undergo the floating process), benefits derived from floating include relief from anxiety, addition, chronic pain and depression and insomnia cures. These benefits surprisingly take place without breaking a sweat, visiting a doctor or filling any prescriptions. Floaters also revealed that a floating session from a float center in Melbourne can practically make one feel like an astronaut.

Float tanks (where the floating process normally takes place) have been in existence for a long period of time but it must be pointed out that they didn’t enjoy much attention until recent times. As a matter of fact, float tanks have existed since the 1950s and have been used in Europe for the better parts of the last four decades. The tanks were majorly used to examine effects on things such as connection to others, creativity and concentration.

Let us take a look at the four major benefits of floating. They include:

1) Reduced Anxiety and Depression – Research shows that the symptoms of anxiety disorders like GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and depression reduces with floating.

2) More “Mindfulness” and Reduced Stress – Floating improves one’s mindfulness and also reduce stress according to a recent study. After tests were carried out for measures of physiological and psychological well-being (including variables such as sleep quality, stress, mindfulness, depression, pain, energy, optimism and anxiety). Results revealed that there were remarkable reductions in anxiety, stress responses, pain and depression symptoms. Scientists also noticed improvements in sleep quality, awareness or mindful presence and general optimism.

3) Improved Energy & Work Productivity – stress-related problems are constantly linked to reduced energy and work productivity therefore floating helps to tackle stress-related issues thereby leading to improved energy and work productivity.

4) Help Overcoming Addictions – Floating also helps to overcome addictions by:

    Internal refocusing to concentrate on individual issues Induction of a general relaxation response Increased feelings of control over addictive behaviors (researches on addictive behaviors recommend its use for alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, drug misuse and overeating Serenity and relief by non-chemical means Enhanced learning processes Disruption of habits through removal of trigger cues and response possibilities

5) Less Pain – The floating process can also serve as natural painkillers. It can be used to alleviate pain.

In conclusion, the floating process offered by a float center in Melbourne is associated with a lot of benefits therefore it is a natural remedy generally recommended to people so they can solve their various health issues. It has no side effects except for those who have a phobia for dark and enclosed spaces.