Corporate Membership

Offering corporate memberships presents an effective means to alleviate workplace stress among your employees. Regular access to Floating, Infrared Sauna, or Salt Therapy can enhance your staff’s productivity, leaving them revitalized and energized. Urban Float’s corporate memberships serve as a commendable way to recognize and reward your team. Explore the corporate packages below to find the one that aligns with your company’s budget.

Corporate Package Highlights:

Float Therapy

Stress & anxiety reduction
Pain relief
Improved sleep
Enhanced mental clarity & creativity

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Pain relief 
Improved cardiovascular health 
Relaxation & stress reduction

Salt Room Therapy

Antibacterial: prevents infections
Mucoactive: clears airway mucus.

Option A:

  • Float:

    • 1x Float/Month – $55
    • 2x Float/Month – $120
  • Sauna:

    • 2x Sauna/Month – $70
    • 4x Sauna/Month – $130
  • Salt Therapy:

    • 2x Salt Therapy/Month – $60
    • 4x Salt Therapy/Month – $120

✱ Credits roll over if not used and do not expire. Employees can purchase additional services at membership prices if credits are used within the month.


Option B:

  • Specify your desired cost and preference for Float, Sauna and/or Salt therapy.
  • We can customize a membership plan to suit your company’s requirements.
  • Select the services that best align with your staff’s preferences and the budget you have in mind.
  • Let us handle the rest as we establish monthly credits for your staff to utilize.

✱ This option is ideal for businesses maintaining corporate partnerships with a minimum spend of $1,000/month.


Not Ready for a Membership? Can’t commit to a Membership but still want to treat your staff? We can arrange a packages tailored to your company’s need. For more information, email

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