Physical & Mental Benefits of Floatation Therapy

A sensory deprivation tank, a key component of floatation therapy, creates an oasis of relaxation by minimizing external stimuli like sound, touch, and light. This therapeutic experience, facilitated by a specially designed float tank, promotes overall wellness, alleviates pain, and induces a rare state of tranquility—especially valuable in today’s hectic lifestyles.

The float tank is filled with a concentrated Epsom salt solution, enhancing buoyancy and ensuring effortless floating. The water temperature matches yours, dissolving any sensation on your skin. Soundproof and lightproof, the tank provides a disconnect from the external world, eliminating sensory factors that often disrupt serenity.

Unlike instant solutions, the cumulative effects of float therapy unveil its true benefits. A one-hour session reduces cortisone, a stress hormone, by entering the theta brainwave state associated with deep sleep. With each session, your brain and body adapt, progressively deepening relaxation and yielding enhanced results.

Physical Benefits: The low-gravity, soundproof environment of the sensory deprivation tank facilitates natural body relaxation, fostering the healing processes akin to sleep. Float therapy effectively eases chronic neck and back pains, promoting spinal alignment and releasing musculoskeletal tension accumulated in daily life. In the low-gravity setting, muscles and joints relax, blood flow increases, and cells and tissues recuperate, aiding in the healing of sprains and injuries.

Mental Benefits: Sensory deprivation provides a respite for your brain, relieving it from external stimuli that usually overload the mind. Free from processing sensory signals, the brain releases positive neurochemicals, including increased dopamine, inducing a sense of euphoria. The absence of external stimuli cultivates a state of deep calmness, significantly reducing stress levels. Additionally, floatation therapy proves beneficial in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders by naturally calming the brain.

Floatation therapy offers a holistic approach to rejuvenating both body and mind. A safe and natural treatment, it serves as a haven for wellness seekers. For inquiries, visit our float centre in Ringwood, call 03 9870 4777, email us at, or book your session now to embark on a journey toward improved well-being!

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