DreamScape Elements for Mind, Body, and Beyond

It’s the next best thing to nothing at all!

How To Hack Your Brain. While you float in your Dreampod, the DreamScape Elements programs provide a safe and effective way to study the past and rehearse alternative ways of acting in the future. The powerful conditioning sessions utilize the neuroplasticity of the brain to modify unwanted behaviour, building new neural pathways to learning. That’s the foundation of the unique Elements sessions — establishing ways to create and Validate a set of trials or experiences upon which the mind can produce certain predictable effects. As you float, these influences are simulated in the mind by the ISM system using positive and powerful affirmations that then enter the subconscious to be enacted. By introducing new concepts and ideas in a modified state of relaxed awareness, you are able to bypass the inherent doubt of the conscious mind and examine, reflect and adopt new ways of thinking without the distraction of the outside world.
DreamScape Elements provide the ‘permission to believe’ that we can really change our lives and be the person we want to be.

Brain Gym
The brain is like a muscle – ignore it and it gets flabby. Neglect it and it grows sluggish, inefficient. The DreamScapes Brain Gym is a total workout for your brain. It uses a unique and powerful wide spectrum soundscape to improve sensory and cognitive processes, stimulate creativity and balance neural pathways in the brain.

It is quite unlike the other DreamScapes Elements and can be a fascinating experience when used with sequenced lighting during your float session.

Confident Me
How you present to the rest of the world can have a direct influence on your future, impact your love life, determine your fortunes and your health as well. Forget those positive mantras and feel-good posters, you’ll need more to change that deeply embedded patterns of thinking about yourself if you want to change your thinking.

The DreamScapes Confidence Element will show you how to turn negative, self-defeating thinking into a new persona, filled with inner strength and self-confidence. Just lay back, float away and listen.

Fear of Exams
Is exam anxiety keeping you from being your best? Do you often feel you know the answers but they just won’t come to you when you facing the test paper? This Element will boost you memory and recall and you’ll never fear exams again.

Fear of Flying
Why spend your life avoiding overseas holidays just because you’re afraid to fly? The DreamScapes ‘Fear of Flying’ element will help you overcome that anxiety and allow you to enjoy your next long-distance travel adventure.

How to create anything
What makes some people more creative than others? Practice, training and exposure to unfamiliar ideas and experiences all play essential roles in shaping creativity. Dreams and imaginative play can also nurture creativity. Daydreaming or taking time out to explore your inner thoughts and feelings can give you access to ideas and solutions hovering below the surface of your consciousness. The DreamnScapes Creativity Element stimulates your thinking and helps to remove the roadblocks to novel ideas and solutions.

In your right mind
It’s a busy world. In the rush to accomplish necessary tasks, you may find yourself losing your connection with the present moment—missing out on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment. Using a meditation technique, you can learn to shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life, and bring about improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in your overall state of health.

Kick Butts
We actually operate in two separate minds most of the time, your conscious and the powerful subconscious mind, the source of all your habits and behaviours. Control the subconscious and you can absolutely, positively learn to get rid of your smoking habit for the rest of your life, without stress, weight gain or depression. No denial, no willpower involved, all that’s required is the desire to succeed and the commitment to follow simple instructions.

Just keep your scheduled appointments, enjoy your floats and the DreamScape Kick Butts Element will do the rest.

My Study
Perhaps the most unique of the DreamScape Elements so far, the floater learns to create a special place in the mind, a representation of the brain space where memories are stored.

Using the power of the imagination, users create a private workplace, a study area where experiences, general information, thoughts, impressions and feelings are available for recall and reassessment. Long-forgotten memories can become available once again, past events can be reviewed and new ways of seeing the world can emerge.

Pain Away
It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ But with chronic pain, the effects remain a personal and private burden that affects the life of sufferers and those around them.

The Pain Away Element builds upon the natural therapeutic impact of floatation, providing effective ways to manage pain after the session is over and any time pain arises. Using the power of the subconscious mind, the sufferer learns how to focus upon painful areas, lessening the intensity and helping to reduce the need for medication.

Public Speaking
You’re tongue-tied and your palms are sweating. You’ve been told you need to deliver a presentation at the next meeting. You need the DreamScapes Element for overcoming your ‘Fear of Public Speaking’ – it really works!

Road to Riches
Inside us all is a millionaire waiting to find the door and this DreamScapes session will open yours. You are just one step away from prosperity and all you need to do is overcome your own in-built obstacles to success.

The Golfing Mind
Can you really play better golf simply by floating? You bet you can, after all, the DreamScapes Golfing Mind sessions are based upon the same science that underlies the best-selling mind golf program available today.

Amateurs and pros alike can learn how to chip multiple strokes off their card, just by relaxing and listening to this unique Element. Be the envy of your buddies as you consistently play your best golf ever!

The Sleepmaker
Feeling a little stressed, short-tempered or on edge? Putting on a few pounds around the middle? Having trouble maintaining your edge at work? Here’s something that may shock you. In fact, a good chunk of your weight gain, moodiness and brain-fog may be due to your sleep habits.

The DreamScapes  Sleep maker Element will teach you look at sleep in a new way and provide you with the tools to repay that sleep debt and get nights of deep, restful sleep, every night.

Trim & Slim
Stop focusing on loss of kilos or pounds! What most of us really care more about is ‘girth control’ rather than weight control. In fact it’s not unusual for clients to experience a loss of inches before any real loss of weight so it’s important to recognize the difference. In the DreamScapes Slim & Trim program, you’ll be learning to retrain your mind to bring about the forces necessary to convert failure into long-term dietary success.

No more denial, no harsh diets or pills, this is about changing your subconscious desire for fattening, unhealthy foods, to marshal those mental powers in all of us to overcome the drive that has seen you constantly reaching for the wrong foods.

The StressBuster
We already know that floating is a great way to relax but not everyone is comfortable with the total silence of free floating. For those clients who have difficulty getting into their float sessions, the DreamScapes StressBuster session is the perfect way to release that stubborn anxiety and tension. Better still, during the session, the client will learn new ways of handling stress and discover a method of taking that same wonderful floating feeling out with them into the real world. We recommend three sessions with a week between each float.

The Mental Detox
Ever wished you could take a broom to your mind, get rid of any negative, unhealthy thoughts and replace them with new ways of seeing life? The DreamScapes Mental Detox is just like housekeeping for the mind, a gentle, hassle-free way to purge the thinking that holds you back and effects your forward progress in life. It’s a highly graphic way to review and re-order your thoughts, impressions and attitudes, to take out the trash and get on with life. Listen three times with a week between each session and then, as often as needed to refresh your thinking.

Transform your life with DreamScape Elements. For inquiries or bookings, click here, call 03 9870 4777, or email ringwood@urbanfloat.com.au. Dive into a healthier, stress-free life with Urban Float!

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