Benefits Of Epsom Salt, The Special Ingredient In Float Therapy

The float tank used for float therapy contains a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. With the presence of salt, buoyancy levels increase, thus making you float effortlessly.

Now you might ask, why do float tanks need Epsom salt specifically? Aren’t all salts practically the same, making you more buoyant? There’s a reason it is far easier to float in salt water-based bodies such as seas than freshwater-based bodies such as lakes, after all.

Though it’s true that Epsom salt and regular rock salt might seem the same, they are fundamentally different. According to Oxford Dictionaries, salt is defined as “A white crystalline substance that gives seawater its characteristic taste and is used for seasoning or preserving food.” Meanwhile, Epsom salt is defined as “crystals of hydrated magnesium sulfate used as a purgative or for other medicinal use.”

How does Epsom salt benefit the human body? Well, most of its benefits can be derived from its magnesium content. Magnesium is a macronutrient that is essential for the body’s peak performance. Lesser known than most nutrients, it is easy to become deficient in magnesium, since many fail to actively seek magnesium-rich foods.

However, when immersed in a float tank with Epsom salt, your body can easily absorb its magnesium content. All the better, even, is that absorption is the most efficient way for your body to get the proper magnesium content.

So why, exactly, is magnesium so important?

Magnesium reduces stress.

When you’re stressed, your magnesium levels decrease and adrenaline levels increase. However, with a replenished magnesium supply in the body, it is easier to regulate your adrenaline to normal levels, allowing to relax quicker.

Magnesium flushes toxins from the body.

Magnesium helps activate cells to have the energy to clean out your bloodstream. Your body detoxifies and removes the build-up of other mineral deposits.

Magnesium eases constipation.

The magnesium in Epsom salt helps relax the muscles in the gut and colon, improving your digestion.

Magnesium relieves muscle pain.

As a natural calcium blocker, magnesium helps your muscles relax after contracting. This prevents your muscles from cramping too much. It also soothes muscle pain by relaxing tense areas.

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