Melbourne’s Leading Mind, Body, and Wellness Centre

Urban Float stands out as a premier mind-body and wellness center in Melbourne, committed to delivering a top-tier, affordable relaxation experience for our customers. Our enthusiasm for providing this service is rooted in firsthand experiences of witnessing the remarkable impact each of our modalities can have on individuals’ lives. Whether someone is dealing with anxiety, depression, painful muscular tension, or simply seeking a space to unwind and alleviate stress, Urban Float has undeniably proven to be the go-to choice.

The tanks, each located in their own room with their own private shower, provide an environment of greatly reduced stimuli. The tank itself is light proof and almost entirely sound proof. Floating in the water even removes the sensation of gravity. Many first timer floaters wonder if floating will be difficult for them. The water is supersaturated with 600kg of epsom salt, which lets the you float on top of the water with no effort at all.

We totally understand that the floating experience can be uncharted territory for some. However, there’s no reason to be nervous, as it is a totally safe experience that many doctors prescribe for their patients. Our professional and welcoming staff are happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you have the most pleasant, rewarding experience possible.