5 Reasons To Try Floatation Therapy Now!

In today’s world of health and wellness, floatation therapy has recently spiked in popularity. If you still haven’t been brought up to speed about it, here are five benefits you will attain when you try our float therapy.

1.Relaxes the muscles
Floatation therapy utilises sensory deprivation tanks for a session. These tanks are opaque, almost entirely soundproof, and filled with a foot or less of salt water. With only a couple of minutes in, you are guaranteed to settle into a calm and comfy state of mind. Studies have indicated that even one session in a float tank lessens body pain, reduces headaches and increases blood circulation.

2. Removes toxins in the body
Float tanks are made up of a super concentrated solution of diluted Epsom salts. As Epsom salts are made from magnesium, users are able to float with ease. However, the best part of it all, is that your body can also bask in the benefits of a magnesium bath. This is because magnesium soothes skin irritations as it balances calcium levels and other deficiencies in the body.

3. Relieves stress
Sensory deprivation puts your mind at ease because it cuts off all forms of stimulation. Whether this includes noise, light, or any sudden minor movements, these floatation tanks mitigate it all once you get inside. Due to the overall components of floatation therapy, studies have shown that floating can decrease high cortisol levels by 21.6%. Cortisol is a type of hormone released by the hypothalamus when you are either stressed, engaging in high intensive physical activity, or even for those who have poor healthy eating habits..

4. Reduces anxiety
Floatation tanks have been developed to soothe anxiety and depression. Since the overall experience aims to help in deep relaxation, the darkness and soundproof features are ideal for that moment of peaceful solitude you have always craved for. Users are also advised to wear earplugs to completely disconnect. Think of it like a quiet day at the spa!

5. Rejuvenates your mind
If you’re looking for a great way to meditate, you’re in for a treat! Sensory deprivation tanks allow you to destress and tune into your thoughts for 60 to 90 minutes straight. Users have reported to have better sleeping patterns, improved cognitive skills, and increased creativity with continued sessions, thus positively impacting their mental and physical well being. So, come on in and give it a try today!

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